Will You Be My Wholesome Girlfriend? | Relationships

Wholesome Girlfriend | #GOALS

A relationship takes two halves to make a whole. This allows for equal respect and investment from each their own. A girlfriend must feel confident in her own identity to manifest a relationship they have always dreamed of having. She can make the difference when she powers on her heart for the one she loves. Go for it and do not overthink. Simply embrace these values and make them felt and known directly.

+ Talk about whatever
+ Be silly or plain-spoken
+ Bake delicious cookies
+ Have simple goals
+ Be hot for feelings
+ Take your time with patience
+ Tell your S.O. you love them and deserve it
+ Be unconditional support
+ Cuddle and smother them with affection
+ Ask them questions???
+ Let them be everything to you
+ Stay by them and never run away or ice them
+ All in all, model the fashionable girl next door

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