System Build Template

Digital System Build

A website or web app requires code, design framework and function. The most important factor lies in the purpose of the website. The main goal is to impress more customers. An effective way to ensure this is to create an interactive website completing the story of the business.

Affordable Web Design Near ME

Client Benefit:

  • Fully Functional Website 
  • Mobile Responsiveness 
  • Webmaster Support Service 

Client Profile:

  • Company Websites 
  • Product E-Commerce 
  • Splash Page Landing Pages 
  • Bloggers Personal Websites 
Web Development

Service Benefit: 

  • Reliable 
  • Affordability 
  • Agile Development 

Service Profile: 

  • Server Host SSD Storage Database 
  • SSL Certfiicates & CDN 
  • Domain Name Registrations 
  • Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

Offered solutions for content creation such as branding, info-graphics, website graphics, visual editing, typography, stock photos, artwork, audio production, sound recording, three.js animation, or blog article posts.

Brand Personalization

Client Benefit: 

  • Visual/Audio Consultation 
  • Content Creation 
  • Marketing Output 

Client Profile: 

  • Website Marketing 
  • Artist Direction 
  • Content Research 
  • Branding 
Content Creation

Service Benefit:

  • Website Marketing Content 
  • Artist Direction
  • Content Research

Service Profile:

  • Visual Production
  • Audio Production 
  • Advertising 
  • Writing Articles 

System Development

A default process to building a system of any kind.


Create and follow a security policy.
When in doubt, check it out! Check the leading anti-virus Websites for security alerts and as a general reference source.
Assume security is someone else’s job.
Think that you know everything there is to know about security. Technology changes quickly and new threats surface almost every day.
Make sure that you know who you are speaking with and suggest legitimate ways outside callers can obtain the information they seek.
Offer to return calls from unknown or suspicious callers after first checking to ensure the caller is legitimate. By offering to return the call, you can buy yourself time to check out the caller’s authenticity.
Give unknown or unauthorized callers any information.
Be intimidated by a caller who is a “name dropper” or claims to be a VIP.
Be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to protect confidential information.
Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when working with confidential information.
Use secure e-mail for confidential information.
Ensure that all computers you use to access the Internet or your company’s network have anti-virus software running.
Install security-related software patches as soon as they are available.
Whenever possible, encrypt sensitive or secret information that is stored on your hard drive.
Use cable locks to secure portable devices.
Keep your laptop and mobile device with you at all times.
Use a password-protected screen saver and logout of your company’s network at the end of the day.
Display confidential information on your computer screen in public areas.
Send confidential information in an ordinary e-mail.
Open e-mail attachments you weren’t expecting, even if they’re from someone you know.
Set up your own wireless LAN or have a modem that can accept an incoming call while your computer is connected to the Internet or your company’s network.
Put sensitive or secret information on a laptop and mobile device in plain text.
Leave portable devices unsecured when you’re not there.
Leave a laptop and mobile device unattended in a public place.
Leave your computer logged into your company’s network and the display on when you’re gone.
Use strong passwords on your accounts. Check the password guidelines.
Use different passwords for each account
Change your password regularly.
Memorize your password.
Keep your password secret.
Use your name, your family’s names, your pet’s name, or a word in a dictionary as your password.
Change your password in predictable ways.
Write it down.
Tell anyone your password, for any reason.
System Build template Doc.

Download the system build template document. Build any system your way, always plan for a logical approach!

Program Design and Version Control for and code development

  • Front Vs Backend (User Vs System)
  • Three Skill Focuses (Foundation, Soft and Core Bonus Skills)
  • Front End Development is a seed that begins to root
  • Understand code languages such as API, HTML, CSS, JS, React, Ruby, C++, Java, PHP, XML, .MD, and more! 
  • Understand concepts such as Config, CDN, SSL, SEO, Content, Hosting, Domain, Email, DNS Records, Meta Data, Themes, Plugins, Scripts, Editor Environments, and SCRUM Agile Development. 
  • Keep coding a simple lego block system 
  • Develop for accessibility and pattern focus 
  • Create iteration sequences 
  • Create a test environment 
  • Keep code versions updated 
  • Focus on ease of user behavior 
  • Navigation roadmap and sitemap 
  • Follow simple development blocks for guidelines 
  • Use a keyword in your page titles, but write them for conversion rather than SEO 

    Use a keyword in your meta descriptions but write those to get the clicks as well Whether you’re writing a blog post or landing page, use keywords early in the content. The last sentence of the content Use variations throughout the text, but use them naturally Use keywords to label each image on the pages (called alt tags) Link related pages together on your website Link to authoritative sites occasionally 

    Have a blog post on your site & add posts at least weekly 

    WordPress Professional Website Designers Mobile Website Responsive In-House Website Design Team Custom Web Design UX and Coding E-Commerce Website and User Experience Content Management and Design Development Logo Design, Branding Identity Online Presence Printed and Marketing Materials Copywriting and Editing Online Marketing Photography

    Keyword Research A/B Testing Website Analytics & Tracking Website Maintenance & Improvements Header & ALT Tags Blog Posts Guest Blogs Content Creation Email Marketing Link Building Social Media On-page SEO Reputation Management Digital Maps Consumer Forums

    WordPress Blog Content Writing and Visuals Metadata Google indexing

    Always have at least one image on each page with alt tags Check the size of your images and watch your page load speeds

    Acquire Domain Name (Think Keyword Topic Focus and Age/Reputation of Domain Name Registration).

    Nested silo structure matrix Text rich snippets Google tag manager Google my business Google webmaster setup Google analytics setup Schema markup (reactify markup wrap es6) Data highlighter Landing page design & call to action AMP accelerated mobile pages Duplicate content Metadata Alt tags Backlinking & link building press releases & social engagement Adjusting performance-based settings, page errors, and waterfall analysis Keyword research & analytics Events:(Notification, Popups, Animation, Hovers, On-clicks)

  • How to Blog

  • It’s important to figure out how to get more traffic and search engine conversion rate optimization (SECRO) is one of the most prominent services to implement! It can take weeks to months to get on page one- which is clearly one of the goals or key performance indicators (KPI) 
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

    Not that SEO is the only way. There’s also pay per click (PPC) to increase your site’s visibility as well. But, the math may not always work out for PPC. For instance, if you sell a product that is less than $100, a $500/month budget means you must sell at least 5 “things” to break even- not that breaking even is a good goal to shoot for. Considering that it can take about 5 ad clicks (people clicking on your ad) before one person calls you, then you need a fair amount of impressions and clicks to get the sales you need. If you have an average client sale of, say, $2000, then a monthly budget of $2000 means you only need 2 sales a month to make money with PPC. The odds of getting that with a strong ad campaign are good.

    Keep in mind, the list of on-page optimization stuff is not inclusive (but it’s good). If you knocked out everything on the list, it doesn’t guarantee page one ranking. There are no guarantees in SEO and a lot depends upon your search engine competition (i.e. what comes up when you type in your primary keywords).

    It isn’t all about your actual industry competition. Sometimes, your biggest competitor isn’t even on page one.

    But, speaking of keywords, it’s important to think like your target market and consider what the searching masses might type in the search box to find what you do. There are some tools you can play with to discover traffic patterns for specific keywords. If you go through the motions to set up a PPC account with Google, you’ll have access to the Google keyword planner. Keyword Eye also has a pretty user-friendly tool and Google Trends has a nice tool to find out the regional interests of certain keywords or phrases.

    If you need a consultation about SEO or Web Design, our company, Make It Loud, can at the very least help you to discover if SEO or a good website fits into your budget. It doesn’t cost anything to find out and we’d be honored to serve you, face to face when geographically possible. Even if you’re not local to Gwinnett or Atlanta, we’d be happy to do an assessment. The focus of your marketing mix relies on your website aiming to produce new customers. This factor is simply why possessing a website no longer gets the job done- it’s about owning a website that functions beyond the basic necessity. Your company needs a website that not only spreads your name but converts users of your site into actual clients. This is why we are offering just what you need to get a search engine optimized!

    Web Marketing in Orlando That Gets Results! Of course, the bare minimum of any site requires masterfully designed frameworks and structures that work towards an aesthetically appealing site, but the most important factor lies in the purpose of the website. The main goal of your site at all times should be to gain more customers, and the most effective way to ensure this is to create an interactive website that works towards persuading browsers to call you. The ratio of browsers to those that call is known as a conversion rate. A site that does not effectively convert browsers to clients, is practically useless to your business. Since 2004, we at Make It Loud has been serving business owners like you to create websites that will boost your digital marketing presence and ultimately increase sales for your company.

    Web Designers Who Have Seen It All Due to our extended experience in the web design world, we have dealt with a variety of businesses. Unlike many other web design companies that simply specialize in a handful of fields to market for, we at Make It Loud is qualified in designing a website tailored to your company’s needs, no matter the subject field. Whether it be dentistry or auto repair, our professionals here at Make It Loud are sure to build you the site your business needs. The truth behind every website is that it all begins with a basic framework and layout that outlines the structure of it. The other various components such as color, images, and content are what truly make your site unique.

    The Two Types of Web Designers in The World In our encounters with other web design companies, we tended to notice that many of them built sites and proceeded to keep the “keys” to them. In other words, they allowed access for solely themselves rather than granting their clients accessibility as well. Through this sneaky method, web designers continually make a profit off of their trapped clients by charging them whenever a job needs to be done.


    We’re the other type of web designers, the ones that hand the keys over. Here at Make It Loud, we strongly believe in including our clients throughout the web design process and providing them with the opportunity to make changes whenever they need. If you see any changes that you believe need to be made or even if it’s just a simple price change, we provide the opportunity for you to go to your website (whenever you want) and fix it yourself. Although we provide you with full access at all times, our team is always readily available to help you with any of your needs. In addition to granting you access to your site, we personally train you in all of the elements that we use within our programs so that you can be successful in any of your personal changes. This way, the control of your website is put in your hands.


    A website for small and medium-sized businesses provides a reliable source for all of their web marketing needs. Our professionals are here to make the management of your web marketing easier than ever. By providing everything you need to effectively manage your website, we ensure the painless experience that you need to control your business.


    Search Engine Optimization SEO Web Hosting Packages Adword or PPC (pay per click) Campaigns Digital Strategy and Online Strategy 

    Web Design Near Me We at Make It Loud has been serving clients all around Orlando with quality web design services that boost your digital marketing presence. A city with a large population of over 2,000,000, our web design agency is fiercely competitive when it comes to the business world and we’re here to make sure your business gets recognized. With our professional web design firm techniques and knowledge, we are able to efficiently build a stable website that will increase your marketing presence on the web. By investing in a website tailored to your needs, business is sure to increase and bring revenues with it.


    Atlanta SEO Company

    We are Atlanta Search Engine Optimization Experts.

    SEO and search engine marketing are complex, and with more companies understanding the value of a solid internet marketing strategy that includes a mix of SEO, SEM, PPC, social media and content creation, the web is becoming a much tougher place for small businesses to stand out in the forest. That’s where we come in. Black Bear Design is a full-service digital marketing firm in Atlanta offering web design and search engine optimization services. SEO is focused on building the visibility of your business in organic (unpaid) search engine results because sometimes search engines can’t easily find your site without a little help.


    The wrong SEO can leave you in a deep, dark cave.

    Stuffing a bunch of keywords onto a page isn’t good SEO. And, as internet marketing experts and one of the top SEO companies in Atlanta, we know this. We can help you make smart keyword choices and optimize those to your advantage. We also know that while we want your website to be found by search engines, it’s real people who’ll be navigating your site and reading the content, so it’s vital that it is responsive and that the content is useful, worthwhile and valuable. The more people who connect with your site using keywords, the more search engines are likely to trust you when referring to others searching with those same words. Think of SEO as one big game of “who do you know?” for search engines. Since the majority of searchers are likely to click through to one of the first five suggestions on the search engine results page, you need to be in a top position. Consider your competitors: if they rank higher than you in search results for your industry-related terms, they are more likely to get those coveted clicks, customers, and sales.

    SEO requires both technical and creative elements working together to improve your rankings, increase awareness, and drive traffic. We approach search engine optimization from an internet marketing perspective so it seamlessly integrates with your content strategy and social media marketing. We also know that SEO can’t solve you are all of your rankings issues if you don’t have a user-friendly website and good content. So before you launch an SEO strategy, let’s make sure your site is in great shape and content is strong.

    Full Website Audit Every SEO strategy, whether it’s for small businesses or large ones, begins with a free audit of your website. This comprehensive review will provide suggestions for on-page SEO as well as insights into any technical issues that may be keeping your website from achieving high rankings with search engines. Our assessments analyze all the important features of your website, from on-page SEO, design, U/X, U/I, indexing and keyword placements. This will help us to pinpoint the loopholes if any and suggest a follow-up plan accordingly. Black Bear Design is one of the best Atlanta SEO companies and can help you build robust and SEO-friendly websites from the ground up. Don’t need a brand new site? We’re also here to help give your current site spruce up to project your business philosophy.

    After the SEO Audit, Our next steps are keyword research. How will your next customer find your business? We’ll develop a keyword analysis for your business so you can see what search terms people are using and where you (and your competitors) rank when those terms are searched. From there, we’ll develop a strategy that can include SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, paid social, content marketing, and more to get you top rankings on those terms. We’ll create content for your website that explains who you are and what you do using the right keywords. We’ll also make sure this message is consistent across your social media platforms and any other brand communications. There’s also a lot of technical stuff we’ll do as well behind the scenes to improve your performance with the search engine algorithms.

    Reporting With SEO management services, it’s imperative to have comprehensive monthly reporting showing your results. As Google Partners, Black Bear Design can provide comprehensive analytics tools that measure everything from keyword rankings to which phrases lead your visitors to mailing list signups or purchasing a product. As an Atlanta-based SEO management company, we can help you methodically keep track of all online marketing activities and key metrics. We employ industry recommended and trusted tools to give you an accurate picture of the performance of your site and your SEO marketing campaigns.

    SEO Services That Gets Results We are a results-driven Atlanta SEO company and voted a top Atlanta SEO expert. We’ll A/B test to see what works best, measure ROI by conversions, and adjust campaigns appropriately from month to month. Reporting gives you the numbers but interpreting the patterns of traffic, increases in links, and growth in revenue requires digital marketing expertise. Translating those metrics into results and actionable steps is exactly what Black Bear can do for you

    If you are new to search engine optimization, start by downloading our SEO whitepaper to learn the basics. We make sure our SEO services are on the cutting edge of the industry and are second to none. Start a conversation with one of our SEO consultants about search optimization services today!

    Search Engine Conversion Rate Optimization

    Begin to optimize any web application or website platform using user experience and index-ability on search engines across the internet network. Perform an initial web meta-data visibility setup and then work on developing content for conversion rate optimization and user engagement. 

  • Social Media Marketing


  • Always followup!
  • Don’t waster time, be straight forward 
  • Buy-in before proposal 
  • Proposal outline to digest 
  • Irresistible offer 
  • D.R.Y. Don’t Repeat Yourself 
  • CRM Export Database to CSV.file (use excel table) 
  • Incoming leads must qualify for you (a good fit for a deal) 
  • Capsule CRM 

  • Request a meeting schedule “discovery meet” | Calend.ly 
  • Educate the client about the on-boarding process (credibility, success story, rescheduling time) 
  • Easy payment process & deposit | Upsell opportunity! $ 
  • Keep the momentum & high energy | Humor & exclusiveness | Niche strengths
  • Flat rate for scope package | Hourly customized for features and ongoing services Valued price (how much are you willing to lose?) Seller dance < upfront contract
  • Focus on the customer’s customer price for gross margin | Find out why the client wants a project
  • Central Processing Unit 
  • Graphic Processing Unit 
  • Hard Drive SSD 
  • RAM (Random Access Memory) 
  • Micro SD Card 
  • USB Drive 
  • I/O Power Supply 
  • Network Keyboard 
  • Mouse Touchpad 
  • Create Measure Goals With Specific Data 
  • ID Keywords With Significant Traffic 
  • Web Page Structure Performance + Debug
  • Creating Content (Visual, Audio, Context) 
  • Promote Content With A Marketing Mix 
  • Cycle An Agenda 
  • Formulate Key Point of Interest 
  • Add Heading Titles 
  • Add Meta Data 
  • Add Compelling Content On-Page 
  • Design For Mobility, Security, Consistency, and Humanization 
  • SEM is Organic and Paid Marketing 
  • Develop Systems Based on A Linear Attribution Model 
  • Test Weights and Measurements Often 
  • Compress and Minimize Resources 
  • Use Mark Up and Indications 
  • Emphasize Advantages 
  • Create Media
  • Interactive User Interface and Experience 
  • Standardize A Theme That Is The Same But Stays Different 
  • Always Learn More (Tools, Documentation, Configuration, Infrastructure)
  • Power Organization With Information 
  • Translate A Target User 
  • Develop Training Tutorial, Processes, and Resources
  • Use of 3rd party processes help speed up developments 
  • Enhance Builds with API Databases and Object Orientation Geoms 
  • Label Basic Component Recognition 
  • Focus On Accessible Iteration Of Sequences
  • Maintain Speed In Processes 
  • Maintain Aesthetic In Processes 
  • Expect Unexpected Variations 
  • Leave No Error To Debug 
  • Rework, Reiterate, Review