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Mycelium Telepathy
Rooted In Nature

Mycelium is a fungi kingdom found in nature and it connects our biodiverse environments world wide. If you find fungi in your biome, just know the universe is communicating in a healthy way.

Process of telepathy requires extrasensory perception. 

The observer can experience the dissonance of events from varied kinetics.

 Telepathy is a clairvoyance ability based on bodily disturbance.

 Every person can access this ability in their own formation and that formation creates compatibility with other telepathic individuals. 

Evolution of spirit and body will determine the level of telepathy you can access.

The telepathic communication speculates dianetics

Telaesthesia establishes ability to acquire data from extrasensory depth of events, objects or sentient-beings. Feel physical disturbances of the body and brain, such as throbbing, twitching, or ringing in the ears, burning sensations, goose bumps, chills and more. You can extract the answer from interpretation via meditation.

Transmuting Energy

Energy is energy and can not be destroyed or repressed. The energy you receive has positive or negative connotation. When energy is locked into a polarity, problems erupt. To fix this, let go of the label of its source. We harness all energy when we simply dismiss the figment of identity. You will become powerless if you label the source of energy as external to you. Let go of why you are experiencing the need to label energy. The ego attempts to rationalize by labelling the identity of the energy experienced. Rather let the energy burn brightly and send it through you. Clear the energy from the reactionary state by reusing the energy in its reversed polarity.

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