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The ancient Chinese secret of manifest destiny.

Decipher Coin Combinations

Combo | #ID | Line |


OOO | #9 | -o- (—) |


XOO | #8 | – – |


XXO | #7 | — |


XXX | #6 | -x- (- -) |


One can seal fated decisions by tossing 3 coins 6 times.


O is the YANG (Heads) side & X is the YIN (Tails) side.


If all coins land on the same side during a toss, the line is drawn as opposite of the sign. For example: A toss lands three heads representing “older yang” so the line is “-o-” thus converted into “—” when the line is drawn. 

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The # code is held to clarify the sealed fate found within the manifested trigrams once the tosses are completed. For example: “older yang” presents a #9 and depending on when “older yang” is drawn from the toss, the #9 will tell of the sealed fate in further analysis. 


These two trigrams are manifested from the coin casting tosses and portrayed as lines drawn from bottom up. When the coins are tossed 6 times a hexagram is produced. 


This hexagram will seal the fate of the connection advising fortune or misfortune for which destiny you choose to consider. 

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