Lessons Of Learning | Acquired Skill

Lessons of Learning | Acquired Skill

The basic substance of learning is to experience the feeling of what you are learning to be the best to your knowledge. This could be updated information layered on top of what is already known by you. You must have a related experience of the knowledgeable skill you wish to Acquire. This is learning as a way of knowing. In order to have an experience you must go through it. And in order become successful you must make mistakes for trail and err.

Lessons are considered important to gaining knowledge of what you want to know, But to have knowledge without the contribution of trying can make you are a critic of the skill. So indeed knowledge is key, but Someone needs to turn the key in order to unlock the skill. Even without knowledge from a book or teacher, a human being’s learning process is through the trail and error effect. This is led by an action of repetition till it is done in the eyes of the successor.

The word perfection means that something is perfect within its self. Perfect does indeed have flaws but what is perfect isn’t always pretty. To say you perfected an art or skill is killing the creative process that bridges uniqueness to the original. Influences of the mistakes you have made can build on top of each other and stay collected as knowledge for later use. Deciding to build a positive perception of knowing what is wrong will bring enlightenment for what is right.

Personality Test | Web Application

Personality Type | Test

Act naturally and answer sincerely to figure out your character type. View Detailed Results. Figure out what your character type means for some aspects of your life.

I-Ching | Wisdom

I-Ching | Sealed Fate

The ancient Chinese secret of manifest destiny.

Decipher Coin Combinations

Combo | #ID | Line |


OOO | #9 | -o- (—) |


XOO | #8 | – – |


XXO | #7 | — |


XXX | #6 | -x- (- -) |


One can seal fated decisions by tossing 3 coins 6 times.


O is the YANG (Heads) side & X is the YIN (Tails) side.


If all coins land on the same side during a toss, the line is drawn as opposite of the sign. For example: A toss lands three heads representing “older yang” so the line is “-o-” thus converted into “—” when the line is drawn. 

[ Watch tutorial ]


The # code is held to clarify the sealed fate found within the manifested trigrams once the tosses are completed. For example: “older yang” presents a #9 and depending on when “older yang” is drawn from the toss, the #9 will tell of the sealed fate in further analysis. 


These two trigrams are manifested from the coin casting tosses and portrayed as lines drawn from bottom up. When the coins are tossed 6 times a hexagram is produced. 


This hexagram will seal the fate of the connection advising fortune or misfortune for which destiny you choose to consider. 

Will You Be My Wholesome Girlfriend? | Relationships

Wholesome Girlfriend | #GOALS

A relationship takes two halves to make a whole. This allows for equal respect and investment from each their own. A girlfriend must feel confident in her own identity to manifest a relationship they have always dreamed of having. She can make the difference when she powers on her heart for the one she loves. Go for it and do not overthink. Simply embrace these values and make them felt and known directly.

+ Talk about whatever
+ Be silly or plain-spoken
+ Bake delicious cookies
+ Have simple goals
+ Be hot for feelings
+ Take your time with patience
+ Tell your S.O. you love them and deserve it
+ Be unconditional support
+ Cuddle and smother them with affection
+ Ask them questions???
+ Let them be everything to you
+ Stay by them and never run away or ice them
+ All in all, model the fashionable girl next door

Who’s a Good Boyfriend? | Relationships

Good Boyfriend | #GOALS

Being that man who can manage himself proper is great! A girly can embrace him fully. Look for traits to catch that man. He will be seeking wholesome and family-oriented love.

+ He trusts you

+ He will not play games

+ He is protective

+ He values integrity

+ A focus on settling down

+ His time is his best asset

+ The energy you put into him is given 2-fold

+ You get hope and excitement from him

+ You think of him constantly and he does the same

+ Expect support and communication

+ He is fathering rather than some loser dad

1st to Freedom | Wisdom

1st to Freedom | Become a Futurist

+ Don't tread unto a beast who must bite. 

+ Heed Isolation. 

+ You can lose so much to others for their selfish needs.

+ Never trust anyone 100%

+ Earn respect.

+ Other people can take you off your good path.

+ You have to do a bunch of healing or collateral damage.

+ Never waste time and resources.

+ Not judged.

+ The truth hurts.

+ Live rationally.

+ Gain independence.

+ Do not use predictions.

+ Follow the signals.

+ Look back from the present to see toward the future.

+ Discover the pattern.

+ Designate community.

The Deep Cycle | Wisdom

Random Patterns of Grief:

Denial: Survive the loss.

Anger: Feel it to move through it

Bargaining: A feeling of helplessness about the final outcome.

Depression: A retreat from society and vocalization.

Accepting: Know a new reality is okay now.

Recognize Grief Through Self-awareness

+ Crying

+ Fear 

+ Anxiety

+ Difficulty sleep

+ Frustration

+ Unfocused

+ Abnormal behavior

+ Question figment of psych

+ Fatigue

+ Weight changes

+ Stomach changes

+ Headaches 

+ Lowered Immunity

+ Soar pains 

MAX RIP 5/21/22

For Love Forever More | Relationships

How Much You Love:

to trust 

to laugh 

to kiss 

to breathe  

to sense 

to need 

to sow 

to seed 

to love 

to bond

Love Language

The soul must feel trusted and safe to thrive this way. Devote the essence and time in love language spoken in tongue.

1: Words of Affirmation

2: Quality Time

3: Physical Touch

4: Acts of Service

5: Gifts of Affection

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