June, 2022 | KODNA Network

The Pentaverate | Netflix Series

The Pentaverate | Netflix Series

Subsequent to impacting worldwide events for a really long time, a mysterious society faces a risky danger from the inside. Could a Canadian columnist at any point save them — and the world?

ZURB Foundation | Framework

ZURB Foundation | Web Framework

A Framework for any gadget, medium, and openness. ZURB is a group of responsive front-end systems that make it simple to plan delightful responsive sites, applications and messages that look astounding on any gadget. ZURB is semantic, comprehensible, adaptable, and totally adjustable. We're continually adding new assets and code scripts, including these convenient HTML formats to assist with taking you off!

Blender CGI | Open Source Program

Blender | CGI Program

Blender is authorized as GNU GPL, claimed by its benefactors. Consequently Blender is Free and Open Source programming, for eternity.

Personality Test | Web Application

Personality Type | Test

Act naturally and answer sincerely to figure out your character type. View Detailed Results. Figure out what your character type means for some aspects of your life.

Image Map Generator | Web Application

Image Map Generator

With the assistance of our generator making html imagemaps is free and simple. Start by choosing a picture from your files, or link one from a URL. Next up make your hot regions by utilizing perimeter shapes Making these shapes is just about as simple as pointing and tapping on your picture. Remember to enter a connection, title and focus for every one of them. Then you're done essentially, click Show Me The Code!

WebAIM | Web Accessibility

WebAIM | Disability Accessibility

The web offers autonomy and opportunity inaccessible through some other medium. Sites that overlook openness inadvertently bar a fragment of the populace that stands to acquire the most from the web. As you become mindful of and carry out openness, you can do your part to guarantee the web can be gotten to by a more extensive populace.

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