1st to Freedom

1st to Freedom | Become a Futurist

+ Don't tread unto a beast who must bite. 

+ Heed Isolation. 

+ You can lose so much to others for their selfish needs.

+ Never trust anyone 100%

+ Earn respect.

+ Other people can take you off your good path.

+ You have to do a bunch of healing or collateral damage.

+ Never waste time and resources.

+ Not judged.

+ The truth hurts.

+ Live rationally.

+ Gain independence.

+ Do not use predictions.

+ Follow the signals.

+ Look back from the present to see toward the future.

+ Discover the pattern.

+ Designate community.

Way Back Machine


This is an internet archive for website database collection of the www.

Way Back Machine

This is an internet archive for website database collection of the www.

The Deep Cycle

Random Patterns of Grief:

Denial: Survive the loss.

Anger: Feel it to move through it

Bargaining: A feeling of helplessness about the final outcome.

Depression: A retreat from society and vocalization.

Accepting: Know a new reality is okay now.

Recognize Grief Through Self-awareness

+ Crying

+ Fear 

+ Anxiety

+ Difficulty sleep

+ Frustration

+ Unfocused

+ Abnormal behavior

+ Question figment of psych

+ Fatigue

+ Weight changes

+ Stomach changes

+ Headaches 

+ Lowered Immunity

+ Soar pains 

MAX RIP 5/21/22

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For Love Forever More

How Much You Love:

to trust 

to laugh 

to kiss 

to breathe  

to sense 

to need 

to sow 

to seed 

to love 

to bond

Love Language

The soul must feel trusted and safe to thrive this way. Devote the essence and time in love language spoken in tongue.

1: Words of Affirmation

2: Quality Time

3: Physical Touch

4: Acts of Service

5: Gifts of Affection