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Rubus System Build

Table Of Contents:

  1. Core
    1. Shell Framework
    2. Internal Blocks
    3. Connections To I/O
    4. Connections To GPIO
    5. Network
  2. Initialization
    1. Download Scripts
    2. Run Scripts
  3. Modules
    1. Droidiko
      1. Framework Components
      2. Scripts
      3. Testing
    1. Biome
      1. Framework Components
      2. Scripts
      3. Testing


How To Code Like A Poet​

  1. Agile Development (SCRUM) What is Agile System Development? Agile system development focuses on simple version control so various development users will be able to interact over the same processes and utilities while all contributing their skill-set/input in a manner that is appropriate to the software system requirements. Agile development brings the value of collaboration and efficiency so, documentation is created as a team for all development users on every side. Letting clients interact with the agile system development can be a beneficial aspect to the relationship of the client and the effectiveness of direct communication with the developers. The agile system development implements an adaptive workflow process that is great for communication, progress, and opportunity to reduce time/costs. Username: Password: [WordPress Login] Username: Password: A Fast and Affordable Way To Get A Website That Works!Learn about the WordPress user interface in order to manage the website content and design.Checklist For Website Design What is the function of the website? How many people are involved in the website project? Sitemap flowchart of pages Site blog with categories Branding content Website photography and copyright context Mobile responsiveness Portfolio/reviews gallery Simple payment integration External API or embeds Buttons are linked properly for a conversion project? Form email configuration and test Color palette & Global Theme Font style and sizing Spelling and grammar correct Titles capitalized No sample content Add contact information Favicon Does the website need search engine optimization?
  2. HTML
  3. PHP
  4. CSS/SCSS & Media Queries (Mobile Design)
  5. Javascript
  6. Ruby
  7. Computer Science System Build Logic for Advanced Starters

    number – floating-point decimals & integers

    String – a sequence of char.

    Boolean – true/false operators

    Undefined- data type has no value

    Null- non-existent

    JS Uses Dynamic Typing

    Resource symbols for math operands: (AND = &&) (OR = ||) (NOT = !)

    Parser -> abstract syntax tree -> machine code

    Global scope of javascript is only when a function is declared

    A local scope of javascript is when a function holds variable objects

    Ex. Scope Chain:


    <A= + B=

    <A= + B= + C=

    JSON -LD





    Three.js With Blender Program Notes For Animation Development Set Up

    24 Frame Per Second

    250 Frame Default

    (Location, Rotation, Scale)

    I = Keyframe

    Alt I = Delete Keyframe

    N = Scene + Object Menu

    Shift + Control + C =

    Shift + D = Duplicate

    Shift + A = Add

    Alt + P = Deframe Node

    NUMPad + 0 = Camera View

    Control + Alt + 0 = Place Camera in Perspective

    Shift + F3 = Node View

    U = Single User Object

    /NUMPad = Focus On Object

    Shift + R = Change To Edit Mode or 3D View

    F6 = Vertices + Object Segmentation

    Ongoing Rotation = View “Graph Editor” Then (View All) + (Key_) + (Interpolation Mode) + (Linear)

    Continue Rotations:  (Channel) + (Linear Extrapolation)

    Control + 0NUMPad

    Control + P = Tab Search

    Shift F3 For Caps Switch In Word

How To Set Up Command Line Prompt to Code | Linux Command Prompt

Ubuntu Command Prompt (Run as Admin) Create UNIX Username & Password




SSH / Virtual Network Computing

Remote access is a beneficial way to access a device from another device. Remote access can be set up on local networks as-well-as on internet networks depending on configurations.


Quick Key Controls

CD re tab tab tab


Cntrl+N = Find

:QA = Close all windows

:W = write

In vim use /nt for nerdtree | esc to go back to command line

I = insert

:Q = Quit

Cntrl+B = move

Find ./-name*.sw?

:!rm Test.html -DeleteFile

Cntrl+B+arrowkey = vim and command change

Cntrl+W+arrowkey = change pane in vim

Cntrl+B+% = open split command line

Cntrl+B+0 = vim

Cntrl+B+1 =commandline

Cntrl+B+% or + ”



Cntrl w -left to go over a pane

sudo apt-get update && Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

sudo shutdown -h now

Building Local Network For RUBUS Installing A Local Area Network Server AKA WAMP/MAMP Acquire visual composer versions (vc10, vc11, vc12, vc14, vc15, vc9)Username is “root”

How to Code in C++ | Basic Start Up Guide In the development of programming, C++ (CPP) is a code language that is capable of many functionalities. C++ can be found in many softwares that locally stored on your computer. Software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, fruityLoops digital audio workstation, and much more.

Start Up Template Code For C++

Tools and resources

Sample project to build

VisualStudio Tips

1 – New > Project > Browse > File Location Saved > Matched Project Name

2 – Open Visual C++ > General > Empty Project > Open Solution Explorer > Go To Source File> Rename File

3 – “Debug with” > Build > Build Solution

4 – Play Button Icon Will Execute

Ruby Code System Build Starter

Ruby Code Template

Project Assignment

friends = [‘milhouse’,’ralph’]

family = {‘homer’ => ‘dad’,

‘marge’ => ‘mom’,

‘abe’ => ‘grandpa’ }

Friends.each {|x|puts ‘#{x’}

Includemethod (.include?)

User_input = gets.chomp

If User_input.include? “S”

Else puts “nothing here”


Puts “your string is: #{user-input}


Basic Syntax Guide

  • Value operators (object-oriented)
  • Boolean (true)(false)
  • Operators for boolean (&&)(||)(!)
  • Looping & iterations
  • Ruby symbols (+=)(-=)(*=)(/=)(==)(!=)(>)(<)(>=)(<=)
  • {} means empty space/hash
  • .gsub!= global substitution

Tools & resources

  • install via command prompt


  • Shabang
  • Gems
  • Shems
  • Bundle exec rspec